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Medical Research: Leading Clinical Trials

We are a Research Company established in Miami Florida, Dedicated to conducting clinical trials for different medical conditions.We have conducted studies for phases 1, 2, 3 and 4.

The Company has a broad database of patients with different health conditions. Our studies are nurtured by patients provided by our internal database, private practices of our Principal Investigators and hospital referrals. This guarantees us that we will not have major problems enrolling subjects for our studies.

As part of each study, we develop different strategic procedures to ensure that we are able to comply with the number of subjects assigned to us. We also keep constant communication with the subjects to ensure that they will continue in the studies until the end. All these procedures help us to achieve high enrollment and retention rates.

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Why Our Clinic
- High Enrolling Rate - High Quality Standards - High Retention Rate - Experienced Staff - Complete Human and Technology Resources - Backup Staff


What We Do
Entrust Clinical Research is a Research Site who conduct Clinical Studies for different Medical Conditions following the Protocol requirements of the Sponsors


Experience the Difference
In each study, we employ varied strategies to meet subject quotas, ensuring strong enrollment and retention rates through consistent participant communication.
What we do

Empowering Health Through Precise Clinical Studies

High Enrolling Rate

Our focus on effective enrollment is reflected in a diversity of medical trials with a steady flow of participants.

High Quality Standards

Covering research stages 1 through 4, we maintain an unwavering commitment to superior standards.

High Retention Rate

In our diverse medical research, we establish strong connections with participants to ensure robust retention.

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